As a psychologist-in-training, Jann provides psychotherapy for individuals who are looking to overcome difficulties and reach personal goals. Through a process of collaborative understanding Jann offers supportive care to help clients gain greater self awareness and resolve their issues.

Psychotherapy Process
There is no standard length of psychotherapy and the number of sessions will depend on the goals and issues of the client.
Sessions generally take place once per week, although at times may occur more or less frequently.

In the first session Jann will ask questions to understand who the client is, what their life has been like and what brings them to seek care now.

Subsequent sessions:
In following sessions, the client and Jann will work together to meet client goals and establish wellbeing.

When is psychotherapy over?
The client has the right to leave therapy whenever they feel the time is right. However, for best results it is recommended that the client and clinician discuss the ending of therapy and work together to determine a final session.

Fees are $120 per 50 minute session. Alternative fee-scales can be arranged.

Accessible, accountable therapy
Jann aims to provide services that are accessible and accountable to all people.